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      Many people have an ambition to open their own business and I too was one of those people. However, it was always, ‘I’ll think about it later’, ‘I’ve got too much on’, ‘It’s too challenging with the kids’. Whilst on maternity leave with my youngest I decided to take the plunge, yes I know - new baby, new business, what was I thinking! I kept getting a pull towards Dastaar material, it was hard to get a good variety of colours and material in Yorkshire where we are based, so I thought this could have potential and became quite excited about it!
      After doing some research through talking to family and friends it gave me the determination to go for it, however, along the way it was evident that there was much more to it. There were most definitely more items that people needed, as immediately they’d ask me if I could get kakaar, then I was asked for patkay and so on. I realised at this point that there was a need for other items too, so it was not going to be just Dastaar material.
      After months of planning Sacred Sikh was born. We now had some kakaar and other Sikhi items in place that we felt the Sangat needed. A Mela was taking place at the local Guru Ghar, which was a perfect event for our launch, so the countdown was on. Sacred Sikh was launched in September 2017, Facebook and Instagram pages went live and we were now ready to roll!
      Since then I have met Sangat from across the UK at Smagams and events and visited Gurdwara Sahibs in various different cities. I have got to know our wider brothers and sisters through WhatsApp and messenger, they have given us immense support, feedback and suggestions to help Sacred Sikh grow. It has been an absolute pleasure learning about peoples spiritual journeys and if Sacred Sikh can be a part of that in any way, then that is pure kirpa.
      Three years in and the journey has been beautiful. Just as I watch my youngest child grow I see Sacred Sikh grow too. Preparing for the website has been overwhelming. One thing that I have realised from the start of this journey, is that Sacred Sikh is Guru Ji’s and Guru Ji will make it fly where They think necessary. Sacred Sikh exists for the Sangat. Let’s all be a part of the journey and embrace, preserve and cherish our beautiful Sikhi.
      Mandeep Kaur