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      Here at Sacred Sikh we want to help you find the right Dastaar material. It isn’t always an easy task! Everyone has their own individual style and comfort.

      You can read about the different materials we offer below. You may want to try a sample before purchasing so you can feel the material and check the colour and don’t forget there’s no harm in mixing it up! Some people choose to wear certain materials for certain weather conditions or have a certain type of material for a particular style Dastaar. All our material is starch free which makes it nice and soft and also Azo Dye free, making it a much safer product. Most materials are produced from the Mills in Rajasthan, India with the exception of Tasar which is made in Punjab.

      Whatever you decide, we are always here to help with any question you may have.

      Mal Mal

      Mal Mal also known as F74 is the thinnest, lightest material that we provide. It is Ideal for children trying a Dastaar for the first time as it is extremely soft and light. Most people choose Mal Mal for Dumalla style Dastaar, Keskee (a smaller style Dastaar) and Bunga (a base layer underneath the Dumalla), this is because of the weight and flexibility of Mal Mal. The material is 100% cotton and dyed to a high quality. It will not require soaking as it is already soft but will need washing before use to make it easy to tie.

      Tip Top Voile

      Tip Top Voile is a thin light weight material very similar to the standard F74/Mal Mal, however slightly more robust. Ideal for all types of Dastaar, especially less defined styles like Dumalla or Kheskee. The material is 100% cotton and is very soft. It is seen as a superior version of Mal Mal. For those that find Mal Mal too thin and Full Voile too thick, then Tip Top is a great happy medium. Once washed it becomes easy to tie and moulds easily around the head.

      Full Voile 

      Full Voile material is what we describe as a medium weight material which makes it extremely versatile. The material is 100% cotton and a 2 x 2 twisted yarn is used to make the material which guarantees a very high quality. The material is kept in the dying process for longer, which ensures an equal distribution of colour and depth giving it a much higher quality finish. Once washed or soaked overnight, it is comfortable to wear and easy to tie. Full Voile is commonly used for all Dastaar shapes. Some people prefer to cut the material down the middle so its half width, which makes it more manageable.

      Half Voile 

      Half Voile material is inbetween full voile and rubia in terms of thickness. So if you feel half voile is a little thin and rubia is thick, definitely give this one a try. We have a limited number of staple colours in this material at the moment. 


      Rubia material is the thickest Dastaar material we provide. It is made from 100% cotton high quality yarn, making it more robust than other materials. The material is kept in the dying process for longer, which ensures an equal distribution of colour and depth giving it a much higher quality finish. Rubia Dastaars give a more defined and fuller look. Although Rubia can be used for most Dastaar shapes, some people find it hard to use for Dumalla due to its thickness and weight. However, those that use it for their Dumalla, tend to use a much thinner material for underneath (for their bunga) such as Mal Mal. Once washed (or soaked overnight), Rubia will soften but still have a great quality finish. 


      Tasar or Stapl is a different type of material to standard Dastaar material as it is a mixed material product, consisting of cotton and synthetics. Tasar is thick and heavier than normal Dastaar material and is not commonly used by all but is also quite soft to touch it resembles a soft shawl material.


      Parna material is 100% cotton and much thicker than standard Dastar material. It is similar to cotton for clothes and other textiles so more robust but still quite breathable.

      Khadi Parna

      Khadi is a thick, strong material. Khadi is a hand-woven material that can be made from a mix of materials. Our Khadi parnas are similar to linen in terms of how they look.

      If you still need any more assistance feel free to send us an email