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      Chardi Kala

      Happy 5 Years Sacred Sikh 🙏🏼 The journey so far

      Happy 5 Years Sacred Sikh 🙏🏼 The journey so far

      So, this month (September) has been birthday month here at Sacred Sikh - celebrating 5 years! I can't quite believe how the years are flying by, yet at the same time I can’t believe there was life before Sacred Sikh! 

      On the 1st September in 2017, whilst on maternity leave with baby number 3, we launched Sacred Sikh as a side venture, while I worked four days a week at Leeds Beckett University. I operated without a website for 3 years! I’m not sure how to be honest but it meant I got to know my customers really well, which has lead to a loyal base of amazing Sangat…who are so supportive of us to this day.

      Along the way Covid happened, uncertainty set in but with that an opportunity arose and I left the university to take on Sacred Sikh full time. I felt like my prayers had been answered, as it meant no more juggling and wearing so many hats at the same time - I could go all in and get some work life balance back - however saying that, running your own business never has a set closing time!

      My husband and I brushed up on ‘how to launch and create a website’ pretty quick! Sometimes I’ll try to get outside help but it’s like Maharaj wants us to attempt it ourselves to make US see what we are capable of! So, Mr tech and Mrs Creative got to work with help from some amazing family members! We were overwhelmed with the support from the sangat and how happy they were with the Sacred Sikh website!

       A year after the website launched, things were getting too cosy in my garage! We had moved house, so I'd been upgraded from a few shelves and boxes in the working loft at the old house, to the fairly spacious garage in the new house! The house needed the garage back and I needed some separation from home too. So, we started looking at a small rental unit, this was pretty scary and exciting for me as I could really see growth and potential. it happened super quick and we went with the first one we viewed as I felt a warm feeling straight away, as well as a huge bird circulating the roof of the building - could have been a red kite I can’t be sure. I took that as a sign to say ‘YES go for it’! We’ve been in our space a year now with still some room for movement.

      This five-year landmark has me in sheer gratitude and has made me grow, learn, create and work my socks off more than I ever have in my life! It has shown me that some businesses aren’t an overnight success, or a one hit wonder they take hard work, support from a community network, belief and purpose.

      One aspect of the business that I found challenging and still do was 'coming out of the shadows' so to speak. I wanted to keep Sacred Sikh as its own identity and was not concerned with people knowing who I was. I was quite happy to merrily plod along behind the scenes, without anyone having a clue who I was! However the more I spoke to sangat it was apparent that me showing my face was needed! People wanted to see me and hear my story. Once a dear sister said, I think people will be really inspired by you just do it! I was taken back, like why? They'll just think I'm showing off wont they? There was certainly an element of imposter syndrome - that part of your mind showing you all the reasons you shouldn’t make that video or reel, yep that was there! I used to get frustrated with myself as my previous job involved me doing lots of public speaking, presentations, hosting events so making a video for Instagram should not have been a big deal…but when you're representing you, it’s a totally different ball game. 

      When I joined AWMB's Inspire club, it really helped me put myself out there. I was honest from the start that this was something I wanted Inspire to help me with. I remember Rupinder saying sometimes you've just got to get over yourself! That was so true... what is the worst that could happen? You might not be for everyone, you might not get a million likes, or even 10 but if you have inspired someone or made someone believe in your business and purpose then you're surely winning. Doing videos and reels has got a lot easier as my cheerleaders at Inspire have made sure all my wins are celebrated but it's not the most enjoyable part of my business! I used to think maybe its because I'm not an Amritdharee (baptised) Sikh yet but after being blessed, it still hasn't made me run to the camera and make 101 reels!

      My husband I recently ran a session with parents at a Sikhi camp, I'm normally happy to stick to the kids sessions! I enjoyed it so much, it made me realise, I have a lot to say, I need to contribute, I need to make a difference, I need to be heard, I need to be seen, my story matters and I am loving, whole heartedly, being ME.

      Maharaj Ji, keep my feet firmly on the ground and my head high at all times 🙏🏼

       Mandeep at Sacred Sikh stall at Inspire fest

      Photo credit - Simran Channa Photography taken at Inspire Fest June 2022

      The Sikh Wedding Fair - Ceremony of Bliss

      Sikh wedding fair blog uk - yourlaavan, sacred sikh, basics of sikhi

      Ceremony of bliss ❤️

      For anything to succeed it takes commitment, love and understanding, especially in a marriage. We learn these things as we go along it’s part of the journey. Grasping what our partners need from us and what we need from them is essential for the partnership to work. Situations, or should I say life happens and we grow together to strengthen the love and understanding. This is not an overnight process and we have to learn to create a harmonious way of living whilst still being true to ourselves.

      We were one of the vendors at the first Sikh Wedding Fair on bank holiday Monday (see list of organisers below) and had the opportunity to talk to people who are about to embark on their Anand Karaj. Although this event was a showcase of businesses in the wedding industry, the main aim was to educate the sangat on the true essence of the Anand Karaj.  We are blessed to have amazing resources, where we can learn about the Laavan and be able to understand Guru Ram Das Ji's bani for such a special time in our lives. My husband and I often say we wish we had done the Anand Karaj course 20 years ago when we got married, we didn't really know what we were doing, we were more conscious of the people around us, what we looked like and just making sure we did't trip over! I have attended countless Anand Karaj's over the years and those who have an understanding of the Anand Karaj and what a beautiful ceremony it is, will have a completely different mindset on the day and be moved spiritually by the whole experience. 

       After talking to couples who have done the Basics of Sikhi Anand Karaj course, it really is lovely to hear how blown away by it they are. They come away not only learning more about Sikhi and Gurbani but with a whole new outlook on how they want their wedding to be. 

      'It was such a blessing, I already feel our relationship becoming stronger than it was. We feel elated with emotion and happiness following the course'. 

      If you are reading this and getting married soon or thinking about it in the future, make the most of learning as much as you can together as a couple. Engage in Seva together before the wedding and establish good Sangat who will help you through. Learn to meditate together and savour every sacred moment of your joint union with Maharaj on the special day 🙏🏼

      Gain more knowledge from -

      Your Laavan 

      Basics of Sikhi 

      Sikh your Mind 

      Khalsa Foundation 

      Share Charity 

      Check out some pics from the event over on Instagram 

      International Womens Day 2021

      International Womens Day 2021 - Sacred Sikh

      At this time of year it’s another reminder for us to all to reflect, encourage change and challenge. It also makes us think what and who has inspired us in our own lives and what impact have we had on other women?

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      Chardi Kala Journal

      Chardi Kala Journal - Sacred Sikh
      The journal is something that is very dear to me and is more than just a product. It gave me great joy knowing that sangat were using the Chardi Kala notebook for gratitude journals, diaries, book writing, creative ideas. So the journal is designed to go that extra mile and encourage you to write down thoughts and actions and help process them with a Chardi Kala mindset

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      Vaheguru's Light Always Shines Bright

      Soy Wax Candle, Vaheguru, Sikh gifts

      Back in October 2020 I was thinking a lot about the Shaheedi of our beloved Sahibzaaday and I felt an overwhelming sense of uselessness. It was making me frustrated, angry and upset. I spoke to my sister about my feelings 'what can we do for them?' I felt so useless. She replied, 'we simply remember them'.

      How we remember them is up to us, what better way than to engage in Gurbani, sing kirtan and talk about what happened. We can proactively teach the next generation about what happened, never forget what happened, never forget them. This goes for every one of our Shaheeds, in the past and during this present day. These feeling are resurfacing for many with the farmers protests in Delhi. Their warrior spirit and energy is helping people across the Globe, who are trying to cope with the feelings of helplessness and frustration.

      Experiencing these feelings inspired me to launch the 'Vaheguru's light always shines bright' candle, because it absolutely does. The Blue Lotus or Sacred Lilly as it is also known and Sandalwood, are beautiful, feel good scents that can help you relax the mind and body. We have now launched a third scent, Jasmine. A sweet, sensuous, floral smell full of goodness.

      Lighting a candle isn't going to erase our history or change our future as Sikhs. It it simply a reminder to look towards the light. When we look towards the light we grow, we rise and we breath. With Vaheguru's hand on our heads we too can shine bright. 

      Parnaam Shaheeda Noo.